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hi everyone. I just recently got the 2006 760li. I am a car enthusiast who loves to take cars and turn them into what I believe makes them better version of their previous selves.

for the new bmw i plan on adding twin turbo's- but have run into many problems
for 1 everyone at the bmw store from where i purchesed this vehicle says the computer wont allow it. Anyone who works on cars knows there is always a way to make it work.
ne help on this would be beyond greatly appreciated.

secondly the suspension i am lookin on getting 2 and half inches lower oth fron and back no-one makes springs for the back?? only the front. and some have said it would mess with the anti-roll stabalization the car comes standard with???

also for interior i planned on installing a jl audio w7 subwoofer. but those at bmw said this could not happen as well

email me at [email protected]
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