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Cute little trick to diagnose blocked CCV system...

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I just came across this interesting little trick for diagnosing blocked CCV in the Volvo forum:

With the oil cap sealed, engine on, stick a balloon over the dipstick tube and see if it inflates. If it inflates you need to service the PCV system.


I think he meant with the dipstick removed, so the balloon goes over the dipstick housing.

No balloon, no problem, get an old dish washing glove, cut a "finger" off and tie it with rubber band.
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Hello from Virginia I have a 2002 325i I been having a issue with cold start and idoling…
When I first start my car it starts up and shuts off it will do this couple times if I apply the gas it will stay running. After it some what worms up it has a rough idol once the car is good and hot the idol clears up for short time and back to the rough idol. After reading a lot of post and tricks to see if my ccv was bad or not. I took the oil cap off and my car’s idoling started to act up I put the oil cap back on and the idol went back to normal I did the couple of times and got the same results. I started checking for vacuum leaks and I noticed I felt a hose that was really loss so I pulled easy on the hose and to my surprise the hose wasn’t plugged into anything except on the other end and it was plugged into the oil dip stick at the bottom. But at the oil cap there was suction ?
When I found this broken hose I started looking at the post here and the pictures and it goes to my ccv so I’m guessing if I replace the ccv and all the hoses I’m hoping this will fix my idol ? I’m also thinking about the dipstick being clogged or not once I order everything I’ll soak it in dawn dish liquid water and hope it will clean everything. If anyone has a comment on my problem please let me know thank you guys for your feedback
Thanks I’ll do that once I get my parts in
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