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Hey guys and gals, had the opportunity to cut open and apart a stock F86 Muffler with only a thousand miles on it last night. I am salvaging one of the side chambers to use on my i3 REx ;)

I had it straight piped for a while but the wife said it was slightly too loud to use with our 11 month old baby in the back seat.

Figured I would share the pics here in case anyone wanted to open up their mufflers and do some customization/dampening removal. The file names indicate what stage of the modification the pic was taken at.

Note the flaps are in the pipes without a side chamber, so removing the dampening from either the center muffler sections or the side sections will increase your volume with flaps opened or closed. Also, I was impressed that the two halves of the muffler are truly separated, there is only a small 1/2" round hole and a couple tiny holes where pieces meet that would allow any crossover.

P.S. You guys are so quiet in this subforum!


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