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"Damp" smell when A/C turned on

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I have noticed a damp sort of smell recently when we turn on the A/C... We bought the car with 63k on the odo and it currently has 72k... So we have had it now for about 7 months and its been garage kept ever since. I have replaced the micro filter back in February....

Any suggestions on where I could spray some lysol and/or febreeze to try and stop the smell? It only lasts for 5 seconds or so when the AC first comes on, then it's gone...

I really don't think we have a leak anywhere....but I suppose that might not be 100% true..

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Change your cabin filter. Get the Bosch charcoal activated one on Amazon. $23.
Cabin filter won't eliminate this type of odors, this is caused by moisture/mold in the evaporator core.
So if caused by mold growing on the evap, running the blower for two or three minutes after turning off the AC before turing off the car should help dry the evap. This is what I do in all my vehicles.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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