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I am looking for a forward and also a backward facing dashcam, I don't need it to run while I'm not in it...maybe for the ~20 mins the fuse is still hot post driving. I won't be installing as I'm concerned about my lack of knowledge on this subject. I have always taken it to the dealer for work & I live in the Pacific Northwest USA, so if anyone has a suggestion on an installer as well that would be great.

I would prefer something semi-discrete -- I don't want a GoPro drilled onto the dash :) with 6 inch screws.

My joy is my 2010 528i, however it has been hit 4 times (thankfully, they have all been no brainers 2 rear ends, a side swipe & a co-worker who backed into), but now I want some better protection.

Thank you!

PS - I hope this is the correct place for this post
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