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Database question and ordering tribulations...

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Hi all,

I posted a few times with questions and comments after ordering a 330xi sg/black 'ette, 5spd, moonroof, xenons, sp, cwp. I've had my production number for a few weeks, and the ship (Century Leader) is supposed to dock in CA around the 18th of April. I ordered back in January (long story).

Regardless, I just checked my options on the BMWUSA site, only to discover that the car seems to be optioned out with gray leather rather than black 'ette. I called BMWUSA and they reported the same info. in their database. Shit. My salesman has been a bit sketchy, and is yet to arrive in his office today.

I vaguely recollect that when I fist tracked the car, it was optioned out with black 'ette, but I'm not 100% sure (it was already produced when I first tracked it). My question is twofold:

1)What are the chances that BMWUSA's database is wrong, and the correct car is, in fact, coming. Does anybody have experience with incorrect info from BMWUSA on ordered options?
2)If the answer to question one is low (the contention of the BMWUSA customer service rep), how far (in inches) should I shove a blunt object up my salesmen's rectum? Reordering wouldn't be a big deal, but I have approximately two weeks in which to take delivery. Ordering now will not allow me to take delivery within my desired window.

Any thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks for all the entertaining material!

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You should have requested an Vehicle Inquiry Report soon after you placed the order to verify that the car was ordered correctly.
You should request one be run to find out for sure how the car was built. Then you can make the decision whether you need to think about re-ordering and dealing with another 2-3 month wait.
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