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Dave's thread was getting long so I'll put in my 2 cents here

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Back on the Carnuaba vs. Polymer thread...Has anyone ever tried multiple coats of Zaino or is that simply a waste of money?

I know in some comparison tests done by they rated Griot's Best of Show wax behind the great PS21 wax, and initially I was impressed with Griot's Best of Show wax but not blown away. That is, until I tried Richard Griot's suggestion of putting multiple coats of BOS. Holy SHIT the results are simply amazing. One coat of BOS makes the car shiney and each additional coat brings the luster and depth to a different level. Right now my car has 3 coats of BOS applied within a 48 hour period (Griots suggest that you let the wax cure for 24 hour before applying again for best result) and although the car doesn't look shinier but the paint just GLOWS with depth and brilliance. It's like a round perfect cut vs. a heart and arrow cut, it's still the same diamon and same brilliance but a heart and arrow cut has more facets hence appear brighter...Well adding a 2nd and 3rd layer of BOS really creates the same effect, light has to bounce off 3 layers of wax and creates a very pleasing effect when viewed at different angles.

If I had some time on Friday night I'll throw on another layer of BOS and we can compare at Bimmerfest. :)
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In my Zaino days more coats of Z2's (was that Z2? don't remember) really improved the shine. I've switched to P21S since and haven't tried putting multiple layers of P21S. I just waxed my car yesterday, maybe I'll put another coat of P21S when I get time! =)

A single layer of P21S looks damn good already though!

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