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I just wanted to put in my M235i PCD purchase review for David Padgalskas ( I had intended on doing a normal one part review but I honestly felt it would not serve him justice)

3 months ago I was searching and researching heavily about PCD, dealers and deals, and after emailing and calling 10+ dealers I was surprised to see how deals were so different from every dealer even though they were all for a PCD M235i deal with the exact same stats.

After a grueling process of going through dealer emails and calls, I was referred to David Padgalskas from Portland BMW by a very very well known Bimmerfest member. So I sent him an email and literally within minutes he gave me a very competitive quote.

I was definitely surprised by 2 things:

1) Quick reply (most dealers took 2-3 days to reply back)
2) Competitive offer right off the bat

It felt like a true BMW buying experience to get in contact with a dealer that really respects and shows that he wants to earn you as a client.

3 days later of me mulling over the quote, I could not find any dealer who could even match it, let alone beat it. So it was completely obvious to me that David was the clear dealer to go with.

Choosing David as my dealer was honestly the best decision I have done probably even better than deciding on the M235i, because since December, David has been giving me updates of the car instantly and was an absolute pleasure to deal with!

I am due to complete my PCD on Feb 26 and so far I have been having a true BMW buying experience.

I will post my second and final review after my PCD.
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