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daytime running lights on 2000 e46s?

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I know this sounds stupid but I JUST noticed this. After dropping a friend off this morning (8:15) I came home and parked my car. When I got out, I noticed in a reflection on the wall that my Xenons were on. I figured that in my tired state that I must have turned on my lights. When I walked back to the drivers side and looked in, the light switch was never turned on. After I locked my doors, the Xenons turned off seconds later. Now, is this normal? Cause I have NEVER had my lights come on whether it was getting dark or going through a tunnel or garage. It was bright outside too although very cloudy.
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You hit the high beam lever on your way out and activated the "Pathway lighting" feature. It turns the headlights on for approx. 45 seconds after you get out of the car.
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