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Yes it's true.

After long debate, I have decided not to install my DDM Depo Angel Eyes and stick with the stock head lights after all. :cry: But hey, I figured I would see if anybody on this forum is interested in them before I put them up on Ebay!

Obviously these lights have never been installed, and I have taken them out of the box only to inspect them, in which case they seem to not be damaged in any sort of way.

They are the HID (6500k) CCFL Angel Eye DDM Depot headlights with clear corner turn signals. I ordered them directly from DDM about a month ago, and now have decided to keep the stock appearance on my 540. Well, my loss can be your gain.

I also ordered a set of smoked tail lights that can be included if the buyer wants, HOWEVER, on the right tail light, 1 out of the the 4 connecter rods ended up breaking during shipping (Atleast I assume that's what it's from) I also have not installed them and have kept them in the box debating on trying to return them, or attempt to use a JB Weld compound to fix the one connecter piece. Even without fixing the broken piece, it appears that they tail light would stay secured just fine.

If anybody is interested in the headlights, tail lights, or both, please name a price for me. All in all, I spent about $350 on the headlights from DDM and another $150 for the tailights, and these prices excluded the shipping fees which was about $60 for the headlights.

Anyways, if ANYONE is interested, please private message me and we can work out a deal :thumbup:

Thanks Again everyone!!
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