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I ordered my car and gave the dealer 1k down.

Here is what they are quoting me as initial breakdown doing Owners choice

Market Value Selling Price 71,170.00
Discount: 2135.00 + 1k for my employer discount: 3135.00
Total Purchase price: 68,035.00

Doc Fee: 599.00
Ga Tag Ad Valorem tax: 4804.38
Non Tax fees: 110.95
Gap: 899.00

Total: 74,448.33

36 month OC
Residual: 40,567
12k / yr
$2500 down
They are going to give me 1900.00 in hand or off the top of the vehicle for over mileage on my current vehicle (i complained i didnt think they had any skin in the game for me being a 4 time customer)
Monthly Payment $1078 / estimated.

Still need to ask the money factor the finance guy used. But over all is this a decent deal or should i ask them to run numbers on a true Lease and MSD's. I think the 1900 would go away if i did, not sure.

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