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I had a question regarding the Turner harness adapter and my issue. (**

Code being thrown is DEM control unit or something like that from my Peake tool.

I'm not sure if you guys will be able to help with this problem and yes I have researched several forums but most answers werent definitive or people werent speaking from experience.

This is the situation I've run into. I just installed a dinan CAI and dinan big bore throttle body BUT I kept the OEM 3" MAF while also installing a Dinan stage 4 tuned ECU (CAI, BBTB, MAF). Before you say why didnt you install the MAF too... I have the Bosch 806 MAF but the pins do not fit a 97 OBD2 BMW (which someone sold me in a kit) so I decided to leave that out of the stage 4 install because the 3.5" Euro MAF (806) would not fit the harness on my 97 M3 (and yes, I know it's for OBD1 cars and I need the 803/809) I think this is causing my car to throw a DME fault code because the MAF isnt the correct one (running a tune for a 3.5" MAF but have a 3.0" OEM MAF installed).

The ECU I've installed is a different ECU from another 97 BMW so the ECU should be fine since the car starts but sometimes itll bog under low rpms if I clear the code. Which makes me believe it has to do with the air flow sensor or MAF (since I'm running a tune with the wrong sensor).

Which leads me to this; If I purchased the harness above and a Porsche Bosch 803 MAF this should fix the issue? The harness is PNP with the OB2 where you just connect the harnesses together and connect it to the new 3.5" MAF.

Any advice for a stage 4 Dinan N/A tune would be appreciated. I am also in CA so I have all CARB stickers and I am utitlizing ASC still

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