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Desperately need help! CD changer installation

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Got the CD changer installation kit from Pacific and ready to go. RTF installation instructions many times.

Got stuck on the step 1.2:cry: How to remove the LH rear seat lateral trim piece (bolster) and the trim clips across the passage to the trunk in order to get to that 3rd rivet holding the panel? I've got 2002 330Ci w/o nevigation but with fold down seats.

I've searched the forum but got no answer. I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a hint.

Thanks a bunch!
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Not certain if there is another workaround but i just held the bolster that covers where the clip is back and very carefully pryed the clip out. It was a real pain so just take your time and try not to get aggravated too much! I think there is another way to go about it by just removing the entire bolster, giving you really easy access to the clip, but I didn't know how to remove it and didn't want to break anything.
replied on the "other board" also, but the trick to getting the bolster out is to slowly & firmly pull at the center on the side next to the folding seats, then also at the top as it starts to come loose. It is held in with 2 tabs on the bottom which slide up & out and a weird 2" square clip towards the top that separates into 2 pieces.

I did not need to remove the top trim, once I got the bolster off and removed the 3rd panel rivet I was able to wiggle the liner out, just SLIGHTLY and CAREFULLY bending the piece of top trim that sticks out downward out a little bit.
Thanks Scotes, and Chris,

I finally figured it out!

I pulled the bolster out by using too much force. :tsk: I thought I broke the damn thing. Anyway, I just went ahead installed the CD changer and put the new panel in place. Now the problem is the bolster became loose no matter how hard I push it in, the damn thing just won't stay. :cry: I thought of bringing it to the dealer and tell them I've got a defeted bolster or something.
;) Then when I tried to take a look of what's behind the bolster I found no clips to hold it. As I was going to give up this RING fell off from the plastic or thin metal part on top of the bolster. Ahha! THE DAMN BOLSTER IS HELD BY THIS THING ON THE TOP!!!

To take it apart, you need to remove this ring on the side toward the window and a pin type rivet on the top of the plastic part. To put it back just reverse the steps.

I am happy now. by the way I broke the third rivet when I removed it. Rushed to the dealer to get one. They charged me $1.50 for it. I bought two just in case.:D

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That's interesting, I have a 2001 325i w folding seats...similar bolster but apparently a completely different way of attaching it.

It's amazing how much of the car basically snaps together; it's just a matter of knowing where to pull or push.
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