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Detailer question

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My car was egged this week and there were small scratches left behind where the egg hit the car. Does anyone know if these can be buffed out or is there some other way to remove?
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Get some fine hand polish, work it in, then maybe some swirl mark remover, then wax it.

I recommend Griots Fine hand polish ( ) and P21S Paint Cleaner or 3M Hand glaze for post-polishing. Then whatever your favorite wax is.
I've had that happen a few times... The scratches/cracks are usually around a center point (point of impact)

The general rule of thumb is that if you can feel them with your fingernail they can't be rubbed out (too deep)

It can't hurt to try, if not fill them with wax, this will help some.

Damn brats!
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I hope you catch the little freaks and make their parents pay what every the most expensive detailer in your area would charge to fix the scratches.
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