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Whatever shampoo/carwash you decide on, use the amount that is recommended or less than the amount recommended, it will elongate your wax and most cars never get so dirty that they justify more than the recommended amount.

Personally, I love Griots car wash, 1 oz. (I use 3/4 oz) in a 2 gallon bucket....sudz last the entire wash!

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vodc4 said:
thanks guys..:thumbup:
are these products available in any store?
or do i have to mail order ?

any other comments will be appreciated
I use Meguires Gold Class car wash with very good results. About $10 a jug at the local Target.

Water to wipe down the vinyl and 303 Aerospace protectant to treat it afterwards. About $15 a bottle at the local West Marine.

For the leather I use Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner which I order from Car Care Online . I order most of the stuff I can't get locally from them. Great service as I usually get the delivery the next day. :thumbup:
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