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Details of the deal prior to PCD

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Hi all,
I wanted to ask a few quick questions regarding how the deal process goes down when ordering.

We are looking at buying an X1 and have come to an agreeable price but my sales associate is now out for a few days so I can't ask him. We will have a trade in and since the x1 wont be delivered for almost 2 months how does a dealer work with a trade in when waiting for an order?

Also, we plan to do the PCD as we live close to SC. It is my understanding that we put down 1k to order the car but at what point do we go in and sign papers/exchange down payment before picking up the car or does it occur at the delivery center?

Thanks so much for your help! We are so excited to be getting an X1!
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We ordered an X5 in the spring, put down a $1000 deposit. You can sort of track the build on the BMW website. We agreed on a PCD date once the vehicle was done, paid the remaing price two weeks before PCD and were given the tags a registration which I brought to the PCD (May 2012). Haven't been back at the dealer since picking up the plates. PCD was great. Would do it again.
Thats the exact information i was looking for! Thanks so much! We are so excited that its hard to have to wait 8 more weeks!
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