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Hello, all.

I am getting ready to do some much needed repairs on my current suspension setup. It's an 2006 E60 RWD with 139k miles and the previous owner hadn't touched a thing on the suspension.

My rear struts are blown out leaking fluid. My fronts are old and tired.

I am getting ready to pull the trigger on purchasing parts to fix this. I am considering either, KW Street Comfort coilovers or Koni FSD setup with new Eibach sport springs.

Keep in mind, I am living in the Detroit area and the roads are absolutely terrible, potholes all over. Thankfully, I've been pretty fortunate in not having hit any lately.

My question(s) are which is the better option? From a minuscule experience with coilovers is that the ride is stiff and harsh and not very comfortable. What is the case with the KW's? Are the spring rates forgiving or are they harsh and meant for auto-x/course racing? Or are they truly comfortable and daily-drivable?

Anyone have experience with the Koni FSD setup?
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