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Hi DFW Folks ***8211;
Whenever possible, I and few other BMW owners meet on the weekends in N Dallas/Plano area. In our small group, currently, we have a few E60 M5***8217;s, an E92 M3, and couple of E63 M6***8217;s but we are open to any BMW or any other car ***8230;. We don***8217;t discriminate. We welcome anyone and everyone. Only responsible individuals, please.
We usually meet in the afternoons, chit-chat a bit and then drive together (I must add, sensible driving) to a nearby pub/restaurant. Then we drive a bit more in the nearby area and afterwards, drive back home.
For instance, yesterday, we met at Lamborghini Dallas in Richardson, at 3:15 PM. Then drove to Dallas Arts District and ended up at West End pub for a beverage or two. Then around 5:50 PM drove around downtown a bit and came back home via DNT.
We are in process of planning longer day trips in the DFW area. One circuit that comes to my mind is Lipan FM4 route and we plan on doing it in 2-3 weeks from now.
If this is something that peaks your interest, please feel free to PM me about the details about our next get together. If you in an area that is a bit far away from N Dallas; don***8217;t let that deter your spirits, we***8217;re always open for a meet in your area or we***8217;ll work on a central meeting point.
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I'm in Houston but whenever yall come down give me a shout.

Sounds like fun to me. Keep me in the loop, im up for some meet and drives.
PM sent.
Please keep me in the loop as well as I am very interested. I am in Plano behind the shops of legacy.

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I am new to the forums...I wouldn't mind going for a cruise and hanging out.. Keep me in the loop. I am in Carrollton.
I'm at work til 7pm m-f and til 5 on saturdays. Sunday is my only day off. Please, please keep me in the loop. I would love to meet and hang out.
I'm in Carrollton, any such plans please let me know.

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Very interested but I'm in Austin..

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I am interested. Live in rockwall. I have a 1985 325e and a 2005 530i, would live to cruz around with other bmw fans. Ping me at [email protected]

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Hey guys, pretty new to the forum. Just got my e93 M3 not too long ago. I live downtown. Keep me in the loop next time y'all have stuff planned.
To the people that are still following this thread, NTBC is having a BMW meet Sunday 10/27/13. It will be at 2701 N. forum dr. Grand Prairie, TX from 2-5pm.
Hello all, I just joined the forum. I just got a 06 525. Im in Garland TX
Add me to the list of interested drivers. Live in Denton work at mockingbird and 75
let me know if anything is going on
I'm in Rockwall - if anything is going on - I'm in - E93 M3

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Would you add me up as well? Thanks

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I'm in Houston but wouldn't mind driving up for the weekend. I have a couple of friends in the Frisco area that are BMW owners that wouldn't mind joining as well.
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