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did anyone see the latest impression of the 5 in Automobile?

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I was going through the June issue of Automobile yesterday at B&N and saw it. Its very similar to the artists impressions from Autocar and Autoweek, and not bad IMO. I'm pretty sure the new 5 is going to look more like this, and not the scaled-down 7 spy pics we saw earlier. At least I hope so.

There's definitely a Pontiac'ish look judging by this latest pic, but you know what, thats fine with me. At least it doesn't have the Pontiac body moldings and the stupid lines all over the place. And it doesn't look like a scaled-down 7!!

Oh and the wheels in the drawing look great. I hope the SP wheels look like that, 5-spoke, double-spoked actually, curving-in like the type 44's towards the center. I really think BMW OEM wheels are the best!!