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markl53 said:
What I've learned is the people (including myself) who participate on the car forums are only a tiny fraction of the population who own the model in question, and are typically very picky with car performance and service issues. So, I think you get a much higher concentration of "bad" stories on these forums than the true picture across all the owners. There are problems with particular vehicles of all car manufacturers but I think the overall number is small.

So, in the end, be happy with the car and hope you got a good one -- good luck!
I agree. I would also mention that most people don't post to say, "hey my car has no problems" (this thread is one of the exceptions, of course). :) People post on here because they need a solution to something, or want to share their problems/solutions about their cars. I have 5900 miles on my car this morning, and so far, so good (fingers crossed like the rest of us). It's easy to make it that far--I'm impressed by the 100k with no manufacturer problems! :thumbup:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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