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Did I just luck out?

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Ive been on this forum reading and checking it out for over a year now and love the comments and advise people give! I got my 04 330ci black/nat brown with step, prem, sport with style 71 rims, navi, and heated seats around this time last year. Ive got about 7800 miles on her and knock on wood havent had any problems except a problem with starting her when it gets below 40 degrees but after a software upgrade it went away. I read all about the problems people have had with their BMW's but aside from once having to take her in for service I havent had any problems. I dont know if I lucked out or what but I am very pleased with the workmanship of the car and how it handles. I love taking her out on the highway and pushing her over 100mph when I can and some how always end up taking the longer way to where I need to get! I guess the bottom line is I would def recommend anyone considering a BMW to go for it cause not everyone has problems with theirs although the majority of comments people post are bad ones! Lets hear about some other positive stories from current owners :thumbup:
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I consider myself quite lucky as well. I bought a ’02 325xiT last Dec. with 81,000 km and have reached 88,000 km with only gas and windshield washer as my expenses. I just put on some new tires and I suspect I’ll have some brake work done soon. These are not problems but expenses that I was expecting. The car belonged to friend who moved to the US. It was driven hard and well maintained.

Current dilemma…

Get work done at dealership where the car was purchased and maintained.
Go to local VW/Audi specialist. They were my mechanics for the last 10 years on my Jetta.
Go to BMW specialist about 15 km away.

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