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Oil change went as smoothly as possible...

Afterwards I went through all my suspension parts and double checked if all the strut and shock mounts were tighten to proper spec. There was an annoying clunk that was coming from the rear suspension area that I've been trying to troubleshoot. Tightened the swaybar links, tightened the shock mounts to the right torque specs, and greased the swaybar links.

Not a single PEEP. No clunks, no squeaks. Quiet as a mouse. SWEEEEEET. Anyway, did Raffi's SSK and changed the oil filter on my friend Andy's E46 M3. The SSK with ERK was a pain to install, the clip gets easier to remove the more times I do it. However, the ERK install was a bit of a pain...If I install the ERK first, it's hard to install the shift rod holder back into the assembly so I choose to install the pivot first, then install the ERK cup over from inside of the car. It worked much better but Raffi was complaining of an odd clunk/vibration noise from inside the car that I could hear as well. Will need to ask Rob L. about this.

We also adjusted the Parking Brake as well, since Raffi installed new rear rotors. The parking brake adjustment was a bit tricky, since the Bentley's manual has everything backwards...And it's not a screw you need to turn but cylinder thingy with notches on it that you need to flick with a screw driver. And the 13mm bolt in the parking brake is impossible to tighten/loosen without a long 13mm bit. Be sure you get one before adjusting your ebrake.

Other than that, and a few snaffus, everything went as smoothly as a "HACK" project can go. :D

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hack, you make me want to move to socal

The HACK said:
Anyway, did Raffi's SSK and changed the oil filter on my friend Andy's E46 M3.
just to benefit from your help on installs. read so many posts where you offer, or have already done, things to help others with their cars... of course that would mean i could also attend bimmerfests... dan, dont know you past the board, but you def seem like a great guy.

haha, within the year i'm going to do ssk and sways on my bimmer so i hope you'll still be able to help on them prices... (= thanks
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