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Didn't order HK and regretting it....options?

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I'm new, but posted on a different thread so won't bore everyone with my background. I am waiting on a 335i sedan w/ M-sport and premium package, but did not add the HK sound system. I have it in my current car and for some reason didn't think I needed it when I ordered it. The problem is, I have no idea how different it is than the stock system because I have no basis for comparison. I like to listen to music when I drive, but wouldn't say I'm a hardcore technical guy, especially when it comes to my music. I was a pretty hardcore music guy before I became a boring 37-year old with a wife and three kids, so I do appreciate a good sound.

So my question is, is there anything I can do about this? What are the odds they could add this at the VPC? If not, is the difference really noticeable? I really don't feel like adding a bunch of aftermarket speakers, so I don't consider that an option. Thoughts?
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even installing speakers can be difficult... For example, with the bose system in my a4, the speakers are low resistance bi-amplified speakers, you can't just swap the drivers out with whatever you want.

Not to mention, i used to work at a place that installed stereo gear in cars. You don't want those idiots touching your car. Want loose door panels with stripped screws? Want screws and other parts rattling around in your doors? Unless you're going to do the work yourself or sit there in a lawn chair watching the guy do the work you are potentially going to get your brand new car back in worse shape than it was in when you handed it to them.
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