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Dif between all the "sport suspensions"?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick search did not provide any useful insight...

What are the real facts about the difference between the various 3-series suspensions:
- 330i
- 330i sp
- 330ci
- 330ci sp
- Sports package 2(?)
- M3

Are the springs, shocks, anti-roll bars different? If so how?

Can someone with a parts CD verify that there are actually different parts and provide specs? or is it all marketing hype?

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Sorry to have to resurrect this thread, but after a search of the archives this is the best post I could come up with , but there are still some holes.

My question: SP vs. SPII. what is the difference in components? Is it just stiffer springs?

Reason I ask is a friend really liked SPII so he is leaning towards the 325Ci //M package instead of the 330Ci without //M. I think that this should (based on it just being a difference in springs) be a really easy after market upgrade (and relatively cheap?), so I would be inclined to push him to the 330.

What would I need to do to a stock coupe to get SPII equivalent and how much would it cost?

Andawyr said:
I just checked with my Sales dude, and he confirmed that the only difference between the Sport Suspension, and the Sport Suspension II is that the springs are different/tigher on the ///M version.

He also went into gory detail about how the Camber/Castor is very different between the M3 and the 330, but these differences are not part of the ///M package for the 3 series.

Hope that helps.
Many thanks for finally clearing this up!!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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