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Dif between all the "sport suspensions"?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick search did not provide any useful insight...

What are the real facts about the difference between the various 3-series suspensions:
- 330i
- 330i sp
- 330ci
- 330ci sp
- Sports package 2(?)
- M3

Are the springs, shocks, anti-roll bars different? If so how?

Can someone with a parts CD verify that there are actually different parts and provide specs? or is it all marketing hype?

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I just checked with my Sales dude, and he confirmed that the only difference between the Sport Suspension, and the Sport Suspension II is that the springs are different/tigher on the ///M version.

He also went into gory detail about how the Camber/Castor is very different between the M3 and the 330, but these differences are not part of the ///M package for the 3 series.

Hope that helps.
robg said:
The sport suspension included on US sport package cars is option code 226-- the same as the suspension included in the european M sport package II. so, I think we can finally put to rest the notion that there is a sport suspension II that lies somewhere beteen the std sport and the M3 suspension.
Check out this link, it has all of the option codes that comprise the various std and optional features on US spec cars:
One would think that this should have been a bit easier, don't you? :dunno:

Man, talk about making it difficult comparing the same models from different countries...

But, now we know for sure.

1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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