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Dif between all the "sport suspensions"?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick search did not provide any useful insight...

What are the real facts about the difference between the various 3-series suspensions:
- 330i
- 330i sp
- 330ci
- 330ci sp
- Sports package 2(?)
- M3

Are the springs, shocks, anti-roll bars different? If so how?

Can someone with a parts CD verify that there are actually different parts and provide specs? or is it all marketing hype?

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They are all the same w/ the exception of the M3-- it has its own suspension. the Xi also has a different SP suspension due to its higher ride height. BTW, the 325 w/ sp or 325ci are also the same suspension. Sport paket 2 is a euro-only option- but I'm pretty sure its just the other options that get included (like black headliner, M steering wheel, etc), and the suspension is still the same. Not sure what you mean by "marketing hype" since I don't think BMW tries to say that they have different suspensions. I guess the sport package on all 330s is a little hyped since its really an appearance package- all 330s already have a sport suspension (but regular 330s come w/ all season tires as opposed to high performance ones). Hope this helps.
I fully agree that 1,2 and 4 exist and are separate. I'd also add 1 more-- XI suspension-- I can't remmebr if there is also a separate sport suspension for the XI- or if the XI sports package is just an appearance package.

The main question is if there is a sport suspension II. I've read vague things about that before-- but nothing conclusive.

You might try sending a private messge or email to VinceTopasBlau (I think that's his handle). He has the ETK parts CD. You sound like you're really curious about it. You may also want to buy this CD--- I believe Bavarian Auto sells it-- but just search this boards archives you'll come across a link for a site that sells the CD-- its only about $50 if I remember correctly. Good luck finding out about the Sport Suspension II-- share what you find. My hazy memory is starting to come more into focus on this issue and I'm about 98% sure that there is such a beast and that it IS different than the regular sport suspension. I"m positive this has been discussed at one point on .org-- try giving those archives a search.
The sport suspension included on US sport package cars is option code 226-- the same as the suspension included in the european M sport package II. so, I think we can finally put to rest the notion that there is a sport suspension II that lies somewhere beteen the std sport and the M3 suspension.
Check out this link, it has all of the option codes that comprise the various std and optional features on US spec cars:
Aha-- I found something interesting in this link:"sport+suspension+II"+BMW&hl=en&ie=UTF8

Several of the cars listed contain an option 705-- M sport suspension II. Other cars have option 226 "chassis sport". The canadan M sport package II apparently contains "M sport suspension II", which I think is this option 705. SO I guess this option 705 confirms the existence of a third suspension. I find this strange becaue the alignment specs for the e46 don't list separate specs for this suspension-- they just have "regular" "low slung sport suspension" , "rough road suspension" and M3. I guess that option code "338, the M sport package II", contains this option 705. Guess I was wrong. Very interesting...

Virtualrain-- regarding the M steering wheel listed in that document for the 325i sport package. The description may be a little bit odd, but the option code is right. OPtion 255 is the thin rimmed, split spoke standard sport steering wheel. Option 710, is the thick rim, M3 style steering wheel-- if you do a search you'll see that the 5 series sport packages contain this wheel-- which is accurate. The european M sport package II also contains this wheel. It is strange though that only the SA version of the 325 sport package would list the 226 sport suspension.

Anyway, maybe someone who is ordering a car can try ordering option 705?
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The ETK is a BMW's parts CD. Do a search on Ebay, and you'll most likely find several copies for sale. Try to get the latest version you can (they come out every month, so the versions are the month/year combo).
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