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Dif between all the "sport suspensions"?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but a quick search did not provide any useful insight...

What are the real facts about the difference between the various 3-series suspensions:
- 330i
- 330i sp
- 330ci
- 330ci sp
- Sports package 2(?)
- M3

Are the springs, shocks, anti-roll bars different? If so how?

Can someone with a parts CD verify that there are actually different parts and provide specs? or is it all marketing hype?

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Sports Suspension

Well, after reading all posts on this subject, I have no idea how I can check the number of my suspension on my 330ci sans SP. The ride is sufficiently hard to suit me. I would have liked the seats on the
SP but dislike odd size rims and tires. So I settled for the standard sports suspension.

The leading edge or front of seat cannot be adjusted in vertical plane (uo and down) like on my 528. This I find somewhat annoying and uncomfortable..

That and the unfriendly and unreliable Nav unit are my only thumbs down after 2,000 miles and a little over a month of use. I am sure BMW NA will get the Nav units working sooner or later. This is one heck of a fine piece of machinery. Beats the 528 all hollow. Sometimes smaller is better.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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