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Happy Holidays All:

My 2017 F25, drivers, sideview mirror is constantly dimming. Even with no rear view light source in a well lit parking lot... it dims! The slightest appearance of approaching headlights from behind (not high-beams or misaligned low-beams) will also always activate the dimming. Additionally, there are times when the sideview is dimmed BUT the rear-view mirror is NOT! No extra tints beyond original factory spec.

To run my own test, I also have a 2014 F25 that in the very same spot(s), in the very same parking lot(s), (McDonald***8217;s, gas station, etc.) ***8212;***8212;-> NO sideview dimming ever (as one would expect).

This is driving me crazy (a very short ride).

Is anyone else experiencing this frustrating situation & if so, has anyone been able to figure out the problem?

Best Regards:

SusieQueue ***x1f60a;
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