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I have a 2000 540/6 with Dinan CAI, Magnaflow Exhaust and Dinan Stage 2 software and the car runs great. Today I installed a Dinan MAF (electronic sensor from stock MAF) and a Dinan Throttle Body (both used) and now my car barley runs. It will start (cold) but idles rough at about 900-1200 rpm (idle doesn't slow to 600-700 rpm). If I apply the pedal it coughs, belts, smokes, sounds very bad, so I shut it down. If I put back the stock TB (while retaining the Dinan CAI and Dinan MAF) it still runs bad (same result). Note: I cleaned the stock TB with brake cleaner and tried not to move the butterfly in the process, so I assume its okay - it worked fine before with my Dinan CAI and stock MAF. I am perplexed? :dunno: I'm fairly sure all the connections and hoses are properly installed and sealed. Has anyone had a similar problem after installing these Dinan parts? Perhaps I need to reset the fly-by-wire (not sure how) or could both the TBs be bad? Thanks for any help
I have the same problem did you ever get that fixed does anyone have suggestions on how too find a link to download ista p? Please thank you
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