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hi everyone, i am interested in getting some dinan performance parts, i understand that if they are installed by an authorized dealer, they are covered under the factory waranty?

What i am wondering is

1. what kind of improvements will i get with the performance engine software? it says you get +5 hp and +6 lb ft torque increase when combined with a K&N free flow air filter for stock air-box

2. what exactly is that? just a new air filter? or a dinan cold air intake?

3. also has anyone gotten the performance automatic transmission software? is it worth it? it says you can only get that with the performance engine software

4. has anyone installed the high flow intake system? is this a cold air intake? or something else

5. if i got 5 hp increase from the engine software with the free flow air filter, would i still get another 9 hp with the high flow intake system? even though that needs stage 2 engine software..i dont understand the whole stage 1 and 2 things..

6. is this stuff safe?

It seems like these are cheaper ways to improve performance of my car..

EDIT: after browsing around, i am interested in the

Stage 3 Engine Software; Automatic Transmission Software; High Flow Intake (cold air intake??); Free Flow Exhaust; and the High Flow Throttle Body

what kind of realistic hp and torque increase can i expect with this?
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