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Dinan Swaybars

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Anyone have Dinan swaybars? If so, how do you like them. I got a price of $732.00 installed at an authorized Dinan dealer. Thinking of putting them on my 2001 325ci. Do swaybrs really get rid of the body roll?
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just to put things into perspective....

there are only a few big companies that make a majority of the aftermarket sway bars. addco, for example is said to be the biggest in the US and supplies 75% of the bars. I've been looking into Miata upgrades and rebranded addcos from a reputable company (made to the resellers spec - just like Dinan) can be had for $185.

at $700, Dinan bars are an absolute rip off no matter how you slice it!

and frankly, at ~$400, bars from other BMW suppliers (like UUC) are still a rip off compared to the pricing of other cars. we have to pay more because the parts are for BMWs. sway bars are sway bars. the process of making them is mostly the same for most cars. it's a bar with some bends in it.

I have the full Dinan stage-II but got it for essentially nothing. the bars are only slightly larger than the OEM sport package bars. if you want just sway bars, look elsewhere. if you're even slightly mechanically inclined, installing sway bars is fairly easy and can be done in an afternoon with basic hand tools and a six pack. no alignment is necesary.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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