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Anyone have any comments, suggestions, or complaints about Dinan. Im thinking about possibly tweaking the 325. :dunno: is Dinan stuff top notch or is it really worth the money or what? Does anyone have any expierenes to share? Thanks
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it's top notch but does very little to nothing for the latest cars (325/330). in fact, most mods do little to nothing on our latest cars. perhaps look into a CAI and the conforti software which is due out soon.
if you must spend the money on mods, start with the suspension. many folks add just sway bars which is an excellent idea. I got the sweet first car deal on the Dinan stage-II suspension so I have that and like it quite a lot. I wouldn't shell out the full price for it, though.

another highly recommended mod is to mod your driving skills with driving schools and/or autocrossing etc. I'm looking into this myself.
Ripsnort said:
Personally, that money is better invested, sit on it for 4-5 years, then you'll have the difference made up for the 330 and M3 pricetag. Sell old BMW, buy new M3, have a very small car payment. :D
that's the best advise available!!! the only way you're gonna make a signifacnt amount of additioal power is to supercharge but who (over 25) wants to spend $5K+ on that? indeed, the best way to get more power is to bump up to the M3 and learn how to drive it of course. FWIW, I still feel that what is limiting the car reaching its full out potential is my driving skill, not the car itself.
Re: tweaking the 325:

blackdawg said:
at the end of the day, one must realize that the 325 is not a dragster and the beauty is in the handling. once that set in for my small head, i relaxed. the car sure does handle so much better than anything else i've driven (except my e36m3).
I was just reminded of that less than 20 mintes ago taking my favorite back road into wrok. the car is simply amazing and in tune with me and the road.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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