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Anyone have any comments, suggestions, or complaints about Dinan. Im thinking about possibly tweaking the 325. :dunno: is Dinan stuff top notch or is it really worth the money or what? Does anyone have any expierenes to share? Thanks
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.2 seconds

Yea Dinan will get you somewhere. Pay about 300 for a "top notch" intake
about 800 for programing . 800 for exuast. take your car to that track and realize you paid about 3000 dollars to shave off 0.2 seconds off yoru 1/4 mile time!!!! YEA bABBY! now thats A difference. BMW mods are too costly and dont really do much. just makes the owner feel special about his car. Personally I wouldnt spend the money on Dinan overpriced CRAP! and thats my 2 cents lol
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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