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dirt stained carpet

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can it come out looking beautiful and new?

or will it never be the same :(

do those carpet cleaning machines work?
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worth a go. if its stained from a drink like coffee then good luck to you, otherwise it might work. i must do the carpet in my E30 one of these days...
i dont know man.

my fault for getting a beige interior

like my drivers side is just dark as.

any one know of the best cleaning prods that would work
yeah, do you not have the factory matts anymore? carpet shampoo will work jus the stuff you buy at woolworths etc.
nah. i had to buy some from kmart and they keep sliding everywhere.
they do that on the E30, maybe its just a RHD thing, but i always have issues with them too. they are fine if you have the BMW pins for them still, but usually they are long gone these days. In my current e30 i just drilled a hole in the fabric threaded a piece of rope through the hole and then around the front right seat bolt to the chassis, never slips anymore. unorthodox but it works.
I took my carpet out and used carpet shampoo and a piece of 3mm mdf about 6 inches long to get all the dirt moving. Then the garden hose to flush it clean. Two goes and the carpet came up very well indeed. Took two days to dry in the sun.
You could always go balls in and get brand new carpet. Preferably a darker color :rofl: That's what I'm planning on doing one of these days. Beige interior sucks :p
I've always stuck with this to get all the stains out of any car. No joke, this stuff is ridiculous and super cheap.
"ZEP" high traffic carpet cleaner. Good luck with the cleaning!
Carpets out is the only way. Good - Fast - Cheap: Pick any two.
where did you get that quote from ;)
Carpets out is the only way. Good - Fast - Cheap: Pick any two.
A sticker on the inside of my tool cart.
Bite the bullet. Either carpet cleaning machine hire or carpet out of the car. No easy way. Machine is quicker. Carpet out better. See my signature.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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