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Disconnecting the Battery: Any resets to know about?

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I need to disconnect my Battery to do some electrical work. I know with VOLVOs, that disconnecting the battery will reset the radio...requiring it to be RE-INITIALIZED with a code. The BMW manual (Bentley ver) has all sorts of Warnings and Cautions, and in particular it has one that says, "Disconnecting the battery may erase fault code(s) stored in the control module memory. blah blah blah."

I am not really worried about losing the fault codes b/c I have had no problems with the car.

So, w/exception of losing fault codes in the control memory module, am I safe to say that I do not have to worry about resetting the radio when i disconnect the battery?
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I disconnect my E39's battery all the time, the only things I need to readjust is the clock and steering position.
Question. I understand the reseting of clock...but don't follow resetting the steering position. Am i correct in my understanding that you have an adjustable steering column so...that has to be reset? I have a very "spartan" outfitted 325i and can not adjust crap in the car electronically. all mine is manual. (The truth be known... I like it that way. less electronic crap to break.)
There will be some temprary errors

The only thing you can see that is lost is the time of day and the trip computer data.
I got and X drive error and some say the get a brake error. These all go away by the time
you have driven around the block. According to the posts on here the adaptive values
are reset so the car has to relearn those. Some with automatic transmission say they don't
like having to go through that.
Yes, I have the electric steering column, I like to pull it toward me, and tilt down to almost vertical. When I kill the ignition, it automatically lifts so I could get out of the car easier. It comes back down when I restart. All this setting is lost when I disconnect the battery. I think the memory seats would be erased as well, but I never use it anyway. Also lost are the sound settings (bass, balance, etc). I agree with you, all these electric gadgets can create problems later, I could be just fine with manual adjustments.
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