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In Europe, BMWs come with a reflective warning triangle. The reflective material is only on one side and the US DOT thinks American's are not smart enough to put the reflective side towards traffic so we do not get this part.

In addition to the warning triangle itself, you need 2 mounting brackets, 2 Torx screws and 2 expanding rivets.

To install the brackets, you need to remove the trunk lid trim. The trim is held in place with some expanding rivets. To un-expand the rivets, slide the plug out with a small screwdriver or interior trim removal tool:

This is what the rivet and plug look like:

With the rivets removed, you can lower the trim enough to install the expanding rivets for the brackets. The trunk release handle is still connected and I did not remove/unhook it during the install.

Install the expanding rivets:

With the rivets installed, you will need to make a hole in the trim for the Torx screw. I used a scratch awl to do this. The hole is located pretty much in the center of the mounting location. Hold the trunk trim in place and make the hole. With the holes made, you can mount the brackets. Since I was estimating the location of the holes, I waited until the end to remount the trunk trim in case I needed to see the Torx screw and the expanding rivet.

With the brackets installed, you can reinstall the trunk lid trim. Insert the rivets and then push in the plugs to lock the trim in place.

Brackets mounted:

Triangle mounted:


I have a few (4) of these from my last European parts order. I do not have them on my site, but if you would like one, please email me or call me for details.
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