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Spark plug - replacing

E-39 engines use a coil-over-spark plug configuration, with one ignition coil above each spark plug. Spark plugs should be removed only after the engine has cooled.
• Remove acoustic cover over fuel injectors/intake manifold:
o 6-cylinder engine: Remove oil filter cap
o Remove plastic trim covers
o Remove cover hold-down bolts. Remove coil cover(s)
o 6-cylinder engine: Temporarily reinstall oil filter cap to keep out contaminants
• Remove ignition coil grounding harness
• Remove ignition coils:
o Pull up on spring clips to disconnect ignition coil harness connectors
o Remove coil mounting bolts. Pull coils up and off spark plugs
• Remove spark plugs
• Installation is reverse of removal, bearing in mind the following:
o Lightly lubricate new spark plug threads with copper-based anti-seize compound
o Thread plugs into cylinder head by hand to prevent cross-threading
o Be sure to reinstall and tighten coil grounds
Tightening torque:
Spark plug to cylinder head (25 Nm or 18 ft-lb)

Spark plugs are gapped to 0.7 mm (0.028 in) by the manufacturer and are not adjustable
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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