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After trying to do hardwired my escort passport the traditional way (tap into a switched fuse). After a couple of hours I find out that non of the fuses in the passenger side glove box are switched fuses. I did some reserved and found out there is a switched power wire behind the obd2 port.
Here's what I did
Note: Picture are from google images so creds to whoever took them, that being said some of the pictures might have some irrelivent drawings on them, just ingnore them for this DIY.
1. Remove the hood release lever by removing the screw holding it in place

2. Remove the screw revealed under the the lever as well.

3. Pull out the panel where you just took the screws from.

4. the wires connected to the obd2 port there is a green wire with some yellow on it
It is in the bundle of wire going into the obd2 port (you can slighty see it in the picture on the bottom of the stack of wires.

5. Tap your power wire into the green/yellow wire
6. Ground your ground wire somewhere near there.
7. Run your cables to your radar/dash cam or whatever you need switched power to.
8. Put everything back together and your done.
Hope this helps anyone that needs a simple switched power source on our 7s.
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