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DIY: Running A Remote Bass Knob From Trunk To Driver Side Compartment

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Another quick DIY. I wanted to to run a knob that allowed me to adjust my hz & gain on the fly without having to pop the trunk and mess around in there. I ordered this knob:

2 Pairs of 20 ft RCAs will be more than sufficient. I picked up 2 sets from Walmart at $10 each, manufactured by Schoshe and have been working fine for me in my past 3 cars. I also prefer them in situations like these where Im running them through tight spots:)rofl:)

Anyhow, takes about 1-2 hours if you take your time. Maybe less time for you now that theres less figuring out to do. Doesnt require any special tools, I did it in the dark with a flashlight haha.

You'll need:
Bass Remote/Knob
2 Pairs of RCAs
Torx Screwdriver
Hole Saw(or a drill bit that makes a hole big enough for you to slide your RCAs through)

1) Pop your trunk. Lift the rear seats free(just have to pull them upwards). Remove the seat panel also, pull up and out, its the leather panel that the door closest against. Remove the lower plastic sill trim.

2.) Run your RCAs through from the trunk. Make sure they are not entwined or tangled up. Run the underneath the black sill panel you just removed.

3.) Now without tucking the RCAs underneath anything else, pull them through to the front where your driver side cubby is, the one on the left of the steering wheel. Leave slack for the cabels to run upwards to that compartment.

4.) Now go to the front, open your cubby and remove the 2 torx screws on each side of it. The side panel that the door closes against should come out also, with a gentle pull. Allows your to stick your hand in there through the side and pull the wires through later.

5.) Once the screws are out, gently yank the compartment and it will pop out completely. Then use your drill/hole sale to cut 2 holes in the back for the RCAs to run out-

6.) Run the RCAs in-

7.) Reinstall the cubby & screws. Make sure when you put the cubby back in, the tabs on the bottom line up:

8.) Now you should see cables from the back seat ran to the front footwell area still exposed. I did not how to remove any panels, and instead just tucked them under the plastic trim(hence preference of the thin RCAs from Walmart).

9.) Plug your bass knob in, and mount as desired-

10.) Put your rear seats and panels back together, and you can get to tuning. That's essentially it. It's not the cleanest and most though out install, but its simple, works, and should take no more than 2 hours MAX.

*When reinstalling rear seats, make sure you have the seatbelt buckles pulled through or you'll have to reinstall them.
*Make sure you're not already running other power wires etc down that same of the vehicle or else you might introduce unwanted noise into your sound system.

End Result:

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Nice work.

Here's where I ended up putting mine. I basically routed the same way you did; but kept going past the compartment under the dash, behind the iDrive and then down into the center console. My controls run using telephone cables (RJ-11s), so my connectors were significantly smaller. I also had to pull the AudioControl controllers apart to install them in this location.



Damn..feels like I just got slapped and told hey, your ****'s cheap lol. Damn yours looks amazing and so clean. Good job!
No way! I'll take your 2 hours anyday. My car was apart 4 days :cry: It looks hard to do, but it's really not. You could pull it off easily :thumbup:

Damn..feels like I just got slapped and told hey, your ****'s cheap lol. Damn yours looks amazing and so clean. Good job!
lol regardless, yours looks great. I honestly wouldnt have the patience do it your way, though I wish I did. Hopefully this thread will help out some others who are running wired remotes for their electronics :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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