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2007 BMW 328xi E90 1/2 Stalling Failed At Finding A Solution

How to replace and diagnose vanos solenoid.

I received the following engine error codes.
P0012 - ***8220;A***8221; Camshaft Position ***8211; Timing Over Retarded Bank 1
P13B4, 2A82, 2D67, 578E

I diagnosed and found one problem but I ran out of solutions because I would have liked to use a specialty tool to check the eccentric shaft sensor.

Other Possible Diagnoses :

These might serve as other possible solutions. I could have done a smoke test to check if there are any leaking hoses. This car has many plastics parts that have started to fail. In absence of a specialty smoke tool I could have constructed my own. There are videos on how to construct this on YouTube. Limited time denied me the opportunity to make this. Another route I could have taken is to lightly spray carburetor cleaner or CRC Brakleen brake cleaner in the green can while the engine was running and listen to the engine for R.P.M. increase temporarily. This is another way to conduct a vacuum leak test. I shall describe. The carburetor cleaner or CRC Brakleen brake cleaner in the green is flammable and as it enters the car through a crack on a hose it is burned off causing a surge in R.P.M. When you hear this surge this is where you have a leak in a hose. Please conduct this test with a fire extinguisher near by.

The process of setting the camshaft position was out of my current capacity and I needed some specialty tools to conduct this. I did noticed when I cleared codes the engine ran well temporarily. This provides a hint that it might be something that can be done with better hardware that can modify the cars hardware. I saw this done for this with hardware that I do not have. I have a hunch that would solve this.

Another thing worth mentioning the whistling sound might be a vacuum leak. This I am not certain because of its inconsistency. A hole does not disrepair. Repairing the broken VANOS sensor diminished the sound of this immensely.

At this junction I am interested in what you think might be the problem(s) and possible solution(s).

Part I :
Part II :
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