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DIY - WeissLicht LED Halo upgrade (Angle Eyes)

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I purchased the WeissLicht LHUXX1W2Y LED Halo Upgrade from for my E65 and took some photos along the way so you can see the difference. These are for the 2002-2005 type headlights.

WL 1: The kit with 2 modules, each having 2 LEDs (supposedly 3W Cree LEDs).

WL 2: Remove headlight and back cap.

WL 3: Comparing old incandenscent bulb to new WeissLicht module. Greasing the o-ring made installation easier.

WL 4: Note the 3 notched openings, one having a more rectangular profile.

WL 5: WeissLicht installed. I only found one side that would allow me to tuck the electrical connection inside.

WL 6: New WeissLicht.

WL 7: Old incandescent bulb.

WL 8: Comparison. Note how the black plastic surrounding the WeissLicht inside the headlight is much more illuminated.

WL 9: Night shot with both WeissLicht's installed.

I did check the current draw between OEM and WeissLicht setup. The OEM bulb drew about 750 mA, while the WeissLicht drew about 500 mA. At 2/3 the power draw, brighter output, whiter color, I say it's a nice upgrade.

Note: I do recommend removing the front bumper, as it makes headlight removal much easier and less likely to break something.