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Do Bi-xenon come std on all 2004 E46?

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Hi All,
I am a newb here as you guys can tell.
I would like to know if Bi-Xenon projectors come standard on all 2004 E46. If not, what models don't have it and what models do? Thank you all in advance.

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Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.
Like we all know, some options are already preinstalled by factory in many new vehicles. Will it be easy to locate a 2004 E46 w/ bi-xenon even though it is a $700.00 option?
Thank you very much. I just impulsely purchased 2004 3 series Xenon headlamps. I was worried that it may be single xenon. The wrecking yard had very little knowledge of these lamps besides they are from a 04 E46. I am planning to gut the internals and have them retrofitted into my tundra truck.

How do you like the overall performance of your bi-xenons?
LOL. I'll just aim the cut off with my stock halogen hot spots. i think they should be fine... i love the chrome bezel with "XENON".
yeah i know. it's a trial and error phase. eventually they will stop when my lamps are at the correct level.
Well, old cranky and envious people without HID always flash people who have HID.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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