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@QSilver7 , thank you for the reply. That was what i found after a bit of searching as well, - huge GULP, as that is a major $$$ part. Until someone sent me this video -
, which lead me to continue my search for another radio receiver in the car - specific to TPMS. The video seems incorrect that this specific module also controls the key fobs, but it "may" be the RDC / receiver for the BMW X5 F15 TPMS. I called a BMW parts department, and they found part #61358706502 as another "Radio Remote Control Receiver" located in the luggage area.

Any additional thoughts? I am going to do some sensor tests, and then perhaps try getting to the sensor, which is a BEAR to get to because of the disassembly of the luggage area.
The part nbr you listed may not be correct for this market. Go to one of the online part database sites and make sure you get the correct part nbr based on your VIN. For my 2014 F15...that sensor would need to be part nbr 61359319081 (the same as the guy in the video). If you’re going to order that need to get the correct part that matches your VIN, remote fobs, and TPM sensors.

After a bit more searching take a look at the wiring diagram at this link below...the sensor is A203 and if you click on it (in the wiring diagram)...the TIS website will give you more links that show the location & other info. You can also see that the wheel electronic modules (TPM Sensors A6a/A7a/A8a/A9a) communicate with A203:

The question that I have now after watching the did he get his remote fobs to operate...and if he did...what did he have to do to get them to work. Apparently the new sensor wasn’t communicating with the remote fobs...although it fixed his TPMS what did he do about the remotes?

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