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Do Nothern Cali Meets Ever Happen?

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I'm pretty new to this board, and was just wondering if there are ever any meets up north. (The kind where a bunch of drivers meet and cruise around for a day or two) I personally live way up here in Eureka, but there are tons of nice roads from San Fran North

101, 1, 299, to name a few just curious.

--2002 330 Ci Premium Package, Sport Package, Bi-Xennon, Steptronic, Titanium Silver, Black Leather/Myrtle Interior
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There's a CCA drive coming up on June 15th through redwood country. See the following link...
Link to CCA drive information
All I can say is wow. I bet that was a blast!

Feel free to post more pics. :D

Re: Hey atyclb, how strange that you would post a pic of my hometown...

EugieBaange said:
In fact, there I am in front of my 325i; the only non-M3 there, in fact, but for loki's loaner (and actually, I had that same loaner a couple of weeks back. doo doo doodoo)

Quite an event; I've never seen such a collection of M3s... impressive and some nice guys to boot.

I missed the drive but I inow it and it's a good one (Hw1 1 -> 84 -> 35 south)

Hey, I count 5 non-M3's in that panoramic picture!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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