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I have had my 740, '98 for 3 years, and love my girl, but she is acting up lately. I am hoping to get some answers here, after only searching alot of threads....

My problems:
1. Drivers window will not move up or down.
2. Side view mirrors cannot be adjusted.
3. Drivers door will not lock/unlock, most annoying, have to climb in back seat to unlock from the inside. :mad:
4. the alarm will not chirp when arming/disarming the alarm.
5. the radio every now and then will not work.

Sometimes if I disconnect the battery for 20 minutes this would temp "fix" most issues, but then they would come back....have not done this yet this year as I just got her out of storage....

So...does this sound like a bad GM3, or several issues some gm related, some not.....
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