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Do you guys ever realize how much stuff we know about the E46 ??

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Sometimes I think to myself . . . what the heck is wrong with me that I know SO MUCH about the E46. I've never had a car I knew so much detail about.

Just think of all the things we know . . .

- all the different steering rack dates
- every production change down to the month
- every option way too thoroughly
- every wheel type number
- which steering wheel for which year and whether it's a PP or SP
- where most rattles come from
- rear seats squeak and how to fix
- HK rattle
- window regulator rattle

etc. etc. etc. it's almost crazy . . .

Man maybe we need to stop being SOOOOO obsessed with this freakin car !!!!
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Once you get the 330Cic, you may become famililar with the convertable top rattle and what each electric motor does :angel:
Oh, I don't know all that stuff you listed :dunno:
hts said:
I don't think we know ALL that much Alan, but I will tell you this much--my E46 has the nicest, smoothest V-6 engine of any car I've ever driven. Although I really prefer the G35, I constantly find myself remarking that the Bimmer's V-6 feels so much smoother and better balanced than the Infiniti's.
Don't call your engine a V6 :mad:
hts said:

Why not? I call 'em as I see 'em.
It isn't a V6 though! :mad:
JPinTO said:

V6... wow, I always thought they were turbo 4's? You learn something new every day.
Only 328s and 330s have turbos, the other models are non-turbo...

the M3 has a TT I-5...
johnlew said:

What top rattles?
My mom's 330Cic rattles :dunno:

Although, I don't think I could ever drive with the top up, so that wouldn't be an issue :dunno:
1 - 6 of 29 Posts
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