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Do you like the new 18" factory sport wheels

  • love them

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Like them

    Votes: 10 55.6%
  • hate them

    Votes: 6 33.3%

Do you like the new 18" factory sport wheels

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At first I couldn't stand them but now that I've seen a few cars with them in person and also in some pictures, I am really starting to like them
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PM 325xiT said:
I saw them on a OB coupe at my dealer. I liked them on that set up.
No no no... no more Orient Blue coupes in PA. That's it. The rest must be DESTROYED. :mad:
PM 325xiT said:
Boy you're in a destructive mod tonight:p
My week just keeps getting better... thankfully the week is over.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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