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I have a 8/01 build 330i with sports package as a loaner. Couple of things, steering still is not as tight as my 00, or should I say as unboosted in feel. So this is the "NEW NEW" steering? Otherwise the 17"s ride very nicely and the handling is much improved over my 00 sp with 16", little or no body lean in turns in 330. The 330i engine is a blast to drive even without a stick. I also noticed absolutely no cabin noises like creaks etc. at all, built very tight.

One thing I don't enjoy is the engine and exhaust sound in the 330i, it seems unrefined? My 00 has no exhaust sound of note. I have to say the Lexus Is300 engine has a great sound.

Best sounding six is definitely the Alfa Romeo 3.0 V6, music to my ears :).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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