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Got your PM! :D

I have got the RET dual 70mm Sport option. Bekkers have them in stock. Race has to be ordered from Germany I think.

Lately, not sure if I am getting old or what, but my exhaust does sound a bit louder. But still it does not draw attention from the crowd of passers-by.

I have not yet known anyone with a 330 and an Eisenmann.

As for UUC TSE dual can, here is what I think. The UUC one is dual muffler housing each with a perforated pipe. The more common design is one housing with 2 perforated pipes. From a technical point of view, UUC TSE should be louder. Here's why:

1) Single Housing with 2 perforated pipes
In this design, sound waves travel through the pipes and disperse through the perforation into the housing. Not to forget we have glass-packed material in the housing already. But sound waves will also cancel each other out. Especially those between the pipes. This is shown by a very simple physics experiment with water.

2) Double housing each with a perforated pipe that the pipes are separated, there won't be cancellation of sound waves. But sound waves will still be muffled because of the packed material.

Performance wise, both should be the same. I am quirky about being made in Germany. Hence I chose Eisenmann over anything out there... :D

Now with Nano
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VinceTopasBlau3 said:
But still it does not draw attention from the crowd of passers-by.
neither did my Dinan straight pipes. in fact it was barely audible outside of the vehicle unless someone gunned the throttle and you were standing right next to the muffler. watching/listening to someone drive away in the car sounded stock. the problem with the Dinan (and I suspect other brands) is noise/resonance INSIDE the car.
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