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Does anyone have a diagram for all vacuum lines???

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I was checking and cleaning the vacuum lines on my 1985 535i and noticed that there was a line coming out of the bottom of the intake manifold that was cut off (black line it appears to be plugged off). and also a semi clear line going towards the firewall. (cabin temp???)

I have ordered a Bentley but waiting for it to ship.
Please help
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I don't think there is a diagram in the Bentley. You are correct with regard to the clear hard-line. It goes from the bottom of the intake the cabin temp sensor on the firewall.

A couple more vacuum lines originate from the bottom of the intake: one line goes to the fuel pressure regulator and another goes to a sensor (can't remember which one) on the thermostat housing. I can***8217;t remember if there is a third.

There should also be a line that originates just under the throttle body...I think that one goes to the thermo housing as well.

EDIT: I was doing some work on the 535is last night and while disconnecting the negative battery terminal I noticed a vacuum hose diagram on the wheel well just behind the battery. Check that out.
I will check that

Thank you!
That vac port just below the throttle plate stock has about a 1 inch hose then a one way vac valve.
Thats the stock way. With all the cars I deal with I plug up that hole its more for emissions anyways.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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